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"The Real Astrology", by John Frawley


In this book, John gives an introduction of what traditional astrology is and how it differs from modern methods. He discusses the background philosophy of the real astrology, giving short lessons on cosmology and showing why these methods make sense and why these are the techniques that DO work. If you want to learn this art, this is the book that will keep you clear from all the wrong information that fills so many metres of bookshelves. Winner of the Spica Award for International Book of the year, 2001.

"The Real Astrology Applied", by John Frawley


This collection of notes and essays clears up all the common misconceptions on astrology, and is an extension of his first book, The Real Astrology. Key points and techniques that are so important for the correct judgement of a horary chart are explained here, along with examples and a broad description of the meaning of the houses in an astrological chart. A valuable source of information that you will need to consider in your chart judgements.

"The Horary Textbook - Revised Edition", by John Frawley


This is the book that will help you make a giant leap into horary astrology. It explains all the points that must be taken into consideration in order to judge a horary chart accurately. John’s invaluable knowledge, combined with his clarity of style, step-by-step explanation of example charts, and sense of humor makes the process of learning this art a true pleasure. This is a book that you will need to consult over and over again though your study and practice.

"Sports Astrology", by John Frawley


The best book to learn how to predict the results of sports events, both by horary charts and charts for the event itself. John explains the method in detail, with lots of example charts explained point by point in a unique style, through which the student of this craft is taken through a learning journey with his master. An amazing source of information written in an entertaining style. It is incredibly clear and easy to follow for both new and experienced students of this craft.

"Christian Astrology", by William Lilly


William Lilly, who lived in the 17th century, is regarded as the great authority on horary astrology. In this book he combines his vast reading in the astrological literature of antiquity with the experience of his own busy practice. With a detailed description of what each of the planets and houses mean, and many example charts dissected and explained, this book is indispensible for any serious student of astrology.

"Astrological Judgment of Diseases from the Decumbiture of the Sick", by Nicholas Culpeper


Culpeper had a medical practice in London where he used his knowledge of medicine, herbs, and astrology to treat his patients - often, to his wife's frustration, for free. Rooted in his experience as a busy physician, this book gives insight into not only his methods, but also his outspoken radical beliefs and a unique and quite bizarre sense of humor.

"Complete Herbal and English Physician", by Nicholas Culpeper


Culpeper wanted to break the lucrative monopoly on medical treatment held by the College of Physicians, and brought the wrath of the establishment onto his head by trying to do this. As part of this aim, he wanted to teach Joe Public the medicinal properties of the plants that grow freely in field and hedgerow. In this book he describes the plants, with details of their characteristics and medicinal uses.

"William Lilly's History of His Life and Times", by William Lilly


When studying Lilly's 'Christian Astrology' it's both helpful and interesting to know something more about the man who wrote it. This autobiographical account was written late in life for his close friend, Elias Ashmole. Like all autobiographies, it is less than objective, but even this lack of objectivity is itself part of a fascinating glimpse into the mind of England's greatest astrologer.

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