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Shoud I buy this flat?

March 31st 2011, 10:31 a.m. EET, Herzliyya, Israel

"Should I buy this flat?"


The person asking this question had wanted to buy a flat in a new building the previous year, but the bank wouldn't lend her the money. A year passed by and she realized the flat was still on sale, and at the same low price. Once again, she applied for a loan and this time it was approved. She paid a deposit to hold the flat while she decided if it was the one she wanted to buy.

Her question was: Is this flat a good option or should I keep looking?


The property she wants to buy is signified by Mercury, which is retrograde and has no essential dignity. This shows that the flat is in very bad condition and even more, it is deteriorating.


How is the price of the property?

Jupiter signifies its price. In the sign and degree where it is located, it is also peregrine. This confirms what the client mentioned. The price of the flat is very low. But Jupiter is also combust, with the Sun getting closer to it. The price of the property will decrease even more. If she asks for a price reduction, she can surely get it!


How are the neighbours?

In this chart, Jupiter has a second role signifying the neighbours. As we saw above it isn't essentially dignified, so we can be sure the neighbours aren't decent people at all. The Moon, which signifies the person asking this question, really likes Jupiter, which signifies the price of the flat, and hates Mercury, which shows she's not happy about the flat itself – if she didn't have doubts about it, she wouldn't be asking the question, of course. I told the client that the flat is in terrible condition, deteriorating, that the neighbours are not people she would like to live close to and that she should reconsider the purchase of this property.


But how can a brand new flat be in bad conditions?

Two days later, I received an email from her. She had gone to see the flat again, and met a person who is renting in the same building. This person told her about all the problems she had with her flat: the terrible quality of the materials that had been used; a problem with the gas that would cost a lot to have fixed; frequent problems with the electricity and unusually high bills; and, yes, noisy and inconsiderate neighbours! She was happy she could get her deposit back and cancel the purchase.

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