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Horary is one of the branches of astrology. It is used to answer questions by casting an astral chart at the time and place the astrologer understands the question, interpreting it according to traditional astrological methods and translating it into a language that the person asking will understand. This is what "As above, so below" means. The key point is that the person asking the question must have a true and genuine desire to know the answer. 


Because the chart is cast for the moment of the question – the 'birth' of the question, as it were – the details of your own birth-time are not needed. Because the chart is cast for this one question, it allows a much clearer focus on the immediate issue than is possible by studying the birth-chart. For instance, the birth-chart might show that you will marry this year, but it will not answer such questions as 'Will I marry John or Paul?' 'What will the weather be like on the day?' or 'Will my ex gatecrash the party?'. It might show that you will change job, but it will not answer such questions as 'Will the wages live up to expectations?' or 'How will I get along with my new boss?'. It is these very specific questions that are usually of most importance to us, and it is these questions that horary can answer so well.


Any question that is genuine, important for you to know, and that is not asked simply out of curiosity!

Here are some examples:



Will I get the job I applied for? Will I be happy working at this company? What will the salary be like? Will I keep my job? 


Buying property:

Is buying this house a good idea? Is this property in good condition? Will I profit if I buy this house to lease/sell afterwards? Are the neighbors of the property I'm thinking of buying good people? 


Buying other things:

Is the second-hand car I'm thinking of buying in good condition? 



Is it a good idea to start this business? Will it be profitable? Is it a good idea to enter into a business partnership with this person? Will this business go through? 


Money issues:

Will I get paid? Will I win the lottery? Will I win if I bet on x? Should I leave my money where it is or should I invest in x? 



What does he/she feel about me? Is my partner having an affair? Will we get back together? When will I meet my other half? Will I ever marry? 



Am I pregnant? Is my girlfriend pregnant? Will there be children in our marriage? 



Will I be happy if I go to university? Should I become a singer? Will I benefit financially from my knowledge? Should I go to university or take a




Will the team I support win against team x?



Can we reach an agreement or will I have to take him to court? Will I win the trial? Is the judge honest and fair? 


People in general:

Is person x being honest? Are the workers I'm thinking of hiring good enough? 



Will my cat come home?

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