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Horary is the branch of astrology that is used to answer questions that a natal chart cannot answer. A natal chart cannot tell you whether you will get the job you applied for, if the man you're dating is serious about you or where did you leave your car keys. However, a horary chart can give you clear answers to any genuine question that you might have at the moment. A horary chart is cast at the time and place the astrologer understands the question, and is judged using the traditional astrological methods.

This course will teach you how to judge horary charts  with a high degree of reliability. It is demanding, challenging, fun, and you will learn through practice. If you like to learn something new every day, and love challenges, this is the course for you.


There are 12 lessons in all. You will receive these one by one, as you advance through the course. For each lesson I will ask you to read chapters from "The Horary Textbook" by John Frawley, which is the base of this course, and answer a series of questions I ask on this material. The first 6 lessons are mainly related to the basic rules you need to know in order to judge a horary chart reliably. The second part of the course is the more challenging one, as you put what you have learned into practice,  judging horary charts on a wide variety of different subjects with questions related to each of the houses of the chart.

The course is done by email. The teaching takes place in the dialogue as emails go back and forth between us until you understand thoroughly the material of each lesson. You work at your own pace, and send me the answers to each lesson once you are ready. We move to the next lesson once you understand all the points related to the lesson we're currently learning.

Lessons outline:

Lesson 1: Introduction to horary astrology, first steps, understanding what the houses signify

Lesson 2: The planets, what they signify, and the signs and their divisions

Lesson 3: Essential and accidental dignity: the strength of the planets and their power to act

Lesson 4: Receptions and aspects: who likes whom, what has recently happened and what is about to happen

Lesson 5: Antiscia, the fixed stars: how to locate antiscion degrees, and how antiscia and the fixed stars can determine the judgement of a chart

Lesson 6: Arabian parts, how to calculate them and how to use them; how to calculate the timing of an event; being clear about the question; 1st house questions

Lesson 7: 2nd house questions: lost or stolen objects and how to locate them

Lesson 8: 3rd, 4th and 5th house questions: rumours, property deals and whether it is convenient or not, pregnancy questions

Lesson 9: 6th and 8th house questions: surgery, treatments, medical issues; death

Lesson 10: 7th and 9th house questions:  relationships, love, marriage, competitions, knowledge and journeys

Lesson 11: 10th, 11th and 12th house questions: work, friendship, visas, permits, self-harming

Lesson 12: The weather, electional questions, advice on dealing with clients.



How long does the course take?

It depends on how much time you dedicate to it. You work at your own pace, and it might take you months to finish the whole course, or a year or two. It is however important that you keep active and send me answers regularly, so your knowledge will keep fresh and building up.

Can I take this course even if I don't know anything about astrology?

Of course you can. You will learn from scratch, and step by step you will slowly learn how to properly judge a horary chart.

I've learnt horary from different books and courses. Can I just take part of the course to fill in the gaps I might have?

No. I cannot teach you horary if I don't know the bases that you have. Flushing all the info you have and learning from scratch will assure you you'll learn how to judge a horary chart accurately.


The course costs USD 1800 for two years. Fees are non-returnable, and may be paid as four installments of USD 450 if preferred: one to start, then the others after lessons 3, 6 and 9. I take payment by PayPal only. It is possible to fail without completion if work is repeatedly below standard. The textbook and astrology software are not included.


If you wish to enroll, please send me an email at:, and include:

1. Your name and address

2. Brief details of any previous astrological study

3. Whether you prefer to pay by four installments or in a lump sum

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