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I've been interested in astrology since I was 12. But after reading a library of books by a wide range of authors and realizing that none of the different techniques they described made sense, I began searching for one that would really work. This is how I came across John Frawley, and after reading The Horary Textbook I realized that this was exactly what I had been looking for through all those years: a technique that has a foundation, that has been tested and proved over many centuries, that does make sense, and most importantly, that works: traditional astrology.


I enrolled in John's Horary Apprenticeship course, and graduated with a Horary Craftsman diploma.

I'm currently studying Natal Astrology under his tuition, and am looking forward to working in this field too once I graduate.


John's tuition, encouragement and support have been invaluable, and I am so grateful for the knowledge of traditional astrology that he has passed on to me.


I look forward to applying this knowledge to help you as much as I can, by giving answers to whatever issues are important to you, and shedding light on situations where important decisions need to be made.

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